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Our motto is, ‘In It Together’. So when you choose to work with us, you can expect to work with, not a vendor, but someone who is willing to partner with you on your requirement.
Our Mission

Not every customer is technically adept. So we make it our business to become an interface for you that translates your business ideas and processes into software code that works for you.

The growing need for custom software solutions in the SMB space is the main reason why EezyCode came into being. More and more businesses today are adopting business software solutions like CRMs, Web apps and Mobile apps for the day-to-day running of their businesses.

But it is often seen that costs and expertise play debilitating roles and restrict businesses from harnessing the tools that large businesses have at their disposal.

EezyCode focuses on helping its clients in this area. Whether it is optimizing your existing business software or creating customized software solutions, albeit at a cost that we guarantee will be the most competitive.

So fill out the contact form and help us, help you.


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Founder & CTO

Large businesses have it easy in many ways. They have both the resources and expertise to help them create a path to success in the virtual world.

Small businesses on the other hand are not often aware of how they can make technology work for them. The benefits of creating and managing an online presence, streamlining their sales, marketing and customer care operations by using tools like a CRM or a Mobile app, are usually alien to them even in this time and age.

Sometimes clients like to keep this status quo active because they are apprehensive about the costs and the expertise that maybe involved with undertaking such a digital transformation.

I founded EezyCode, to offset this status quo.


VP Enterprise Solutions

Every business is unique and so are its needs. Today innovative software solutions are helping businesses streamline their processes and extend their capabilities like no other time in history. Connected Small Businesses US (2018) reported that of those who adopted digital tools for their businesses, 38% reported an increase of Sales and Revenue, 13% experienced a streamlined sales and lead generation process, while another 13% said that digital transformation helped them lower business costs.

Research conducted by the Strategic Networks Group has found that business owners often lack an understanding of how a modest investment of time and money in implementing digital resources can lead to larger financial benefits (Curri 2015). Once businesses became aware of the potential commercial benefits associated with investing in digital, there was a substantial increase in use of digital tools in order to enable businesses to realize these benefits. At EezyCode, we help businesses position themselves to take advantage of digital tools and help our clients at whichever stage of Digital Transformation they may be at.

Our motto, ‘In It Together’, demonstrates our commitment to our clients, that we as a business are more interested in partnering with them in their digital transformation journey, rather than merely being a service provider.

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"In It Together"

Be it building a Web app, or creating a Website, or customizing a Mobile app, or optimizing a CRM, we can help you do it all!


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Contact Us

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